Monday, August 3, 2009

My most recent project

Every summer I try to do a home improvement project. Last summer I redecorated my living room, refinished an old dining table and made slip covers for the chairs. I didn't have time to do any window treatments, so I did them this summer. I built cornices using wood moldings and fabric. I did the actual wood cutting on the back porch, but the construction I did in the house. It's too hot out there! Here are some pics, before, after and during the project.
This is my work area, a cornice in the process of being built.
How do you like my chip clip clamps? It worked.

living room before cornices.

Living room after the cornices and sheers.

Dining room, I just need to change out the light fixture,
I have a larger iron one to put there. The chandelier is
going to go over my bathtub (my husband doesn't know that yet.)