Thursday, November 20, 2008

School Art Show

Last weekend was my art show at school. I work for weeks getting ready for the show, encouraging my students to do their best, mounting the artwork, contacting judges, setting it up, awarding ribbons and prizes, and then taking it down. Here is a picture, I wish I had gotten a better picture, but when I remembered to do it there were too many people standing in front of the displays. So this is just a small part of the show. I had about 130 art pieces on display. These kids are amazing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me and My Girls

This pic was taken at Jenna's baby shower on Saturday, Nov. 1st. She got lots of great stuff!


Every Halloween we have a neighborhood party in our carport, I make a lot of chili, neighbors bring corn bread, chips, pop, and everything else. We have a cozy fire in the rolling fire pit, (this year it was for atmosphere only, as it was really warm outside, even way after dark). We give chili to neighbors who are trick-or-treating, and some come and sit and visit. It is always a fun evening.
Above is Dwight, Jenna and Emilee. Dwight just got home after being out of town for 3 days.

Emilee and sister-in-law, Julie. Jenna conveniently dressed as a very cute pregnant lady, husband Devon conveniently dressed as a corrections officer, minutes before leaving for work.

My Mom came for the weekend, the witch holding Jeremiah is me. Why is it that it takes so much less time to make myself into a hideous looking old witch than it use to? Little Jeremiah the bandito in his poncho and moustache.

Here are some of our neighborhood friends who came to our party. We had Sonny and Cher (Kelsey & Landon), Alice in Wonderland & a princess, plus a lot more. We went through a lot of chili, cornbread, and candy!